After a 100-mile journey, a cab driver finds missing pet “Ralph,” and the story goes viral.


Ralph, a pet dog owned by Georgia Crewe, was lost when he escaped and boarded a cab. Ralph and she were reconnected as a result of a social media post. On social media, the news of the reunion has received a lot of interest.

There are instances that might make you grin and lighten a gloomy day amongst all the horrible things that are occurring all around us. In relation to that, a social media post about a dog that was reunited with his pet parent hours after going missing is now gaining attention.

The event happened in Manchester, when the dog’s owner, Georgia Crewe, went for a stroll with her beloved dog called Ralph, but she ultimately lost him after the dog wandered off and boarded a cab headed for the airport. Crewe was able to find her dog the same day, a few hours later, owing to the taxi driver’s helpfulness and the owner’s social media post.


What really happened with Ralph?

At five in the morning, Georgia Crewe took her beloved dog Ralph for a stroll, but she ended up talking to another dog owner. Ralph immediately bolted and boarded a cab headed for Manchester Airport. According to Crewe, who was reported by the BBC, the dog hopped inside the cab as it drove up to pick up a family because it was freezing outdoors. The dog was subsequently driven 161 kilometers (100 miles) to Manchester Airport.

Later, the taxi driver saw the dog but was unable to read the information on his collar. He continued by dropping off the passengers before attempting to locate his owner. Along with that, he brought Ralph to his house and started looking for his owner. On the other hand, the dog’s owner also shared the same information on Facebook and asked for assistance. A buddy of the driver eventually called Crewe a few hours later to let him know that he had seen the social media post. At 10 AM on the same day, Ralph and his owner were eventually reunited after coordinating with one another.

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