From Doubt to Devotion: How a Pit Bull Melted Mom’s Heart


Mom didn’t want a “useless” Pit Bull, but something Got In The Way

Her destiny was bleak as a Pit Bull called Pumpkin who had been abandoned. After developing heartworm, she was “thrown away”. Jackie looked at the picture of Pumpkin that Collar Inc. had uploaded right away. She lives with her parents, but they disallowed her from getting the dog. Jackie was devastated. Jackie came home a few months later and discovered Shiloh upstairs. She dashed downstairs to investigate when she heard a collar jingle. She came closer and found Pumpkin standing there with a bow around her, receiving an early birthday present from her parents.

Pit Bull

Her mother said in answer to Jackie’s query that she wasn’t really certain just yet and that they will see what transpired. Well, Pumpkin and her family are still going strong after three years! Jackie claims that Shiloh tolerates Pumpkin like a bothersome little sister despite not being a huge admirer of her. We are very excited for Pumpkin to receive another opportunity in life!

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