When the little dog meets the cow that raised him, breaks down in tears!


Rookie lost his original mother when he was a young puppy.

Fortunately, he never had to be alone since he spent his childhood on a farm where he could get affection and solace from the other animals who lived there.

He was particularly captivated to one of the two cows out of the two, in particular.


One of the cows struck up a strong bond with the little orphan, who started to think of her as his mother.

And the cow was delighted to give Rookie the maternal care he so much needed.

image 66

Rookie would cuddle up to his cow mother and take lengthy, cozy naps on her back as the two became almost inseparable.

With the exception of their physical attributes, they were exactly like any other mother and son team when they played, cuddled, and affectionately licked each other.

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Rookie and the cow had been living and loving one other for two years when they realized they couldn’t picture life without the other.

But sadly, there was danger in the distance.

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The leftover cow was supposed to be enough to keep Rookie content, but the dog yearned for his mother.

He lost his appetite, became despondent, and spent a lot of time sobbing, complaining, and shrieking without her.

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At some point, his family understood that they would never again be able to keep Rookie and his mother apart.

The small pup would never recover from the loss, it was obvious. He was simply so in love with her.

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So they made the decision to return home with the cow.

Rookie had a hard time believing it when he finally met his mother.

He ran up to her and started weeping with excitement.

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It was evident that despite being of different species, the cow and her little kid were nonetheless very happy to see each other.

It serves as a helpful reminder that love doesn’t give a damn about imperceptible distinctions.

Watch the heartfelt reunion between Rookie and his mother in the video.