Unconditional Love: A woman is expecting a child, and her dog already adores the unborn baby sister!


Sister of Penelope is incredibly fortunate.
She hasn’t even been born yet, but her furry sister already loves her very much.
Juliana, Penelope’s pet mother, and her family reside with them.
She has been being extra loving since learning that Juliana is expecting a child.
Even tried to cuddle with the unborn child by leaning on Juliana’s tummy, and Juliana was able to get the sweetest footage of it.
Penelope is and has always been a very loving dog.

image 42

But even once she realized Juliana was pregnant …she’s been even cuddlier.


She already attempts to hold her newborn sibling in her mother’s womb out of love for her!

image 44

She just can’t wait to be a big sister.