A Dog Received The Highest Award For Saving Soldiers From a Shot!


A dog by the name of Kuno who went above and beyond his duty by risking his life for soldiers serves as the protagonist of this story about a brave dog with wagging tails and covered in fur. By going above and above the call of duty and risking his life to rescue the troops, he created history.

For his extraordinary actions, he was awarded the Dickin Medal, the highest decoration given by the British Military. No one is more deserving of it than he is.
Offering from Kuno Kuno successfully accomplished a large number of missions. The most significant one, though, was the last one. He supported British soldiers when they raided an al-Qaeda base. But then something strange happened. The attackers with machine guns quickly encircled the British soldiers. Kuno decided to save his human allies as soon as he saw them in peril.

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The army was rendered immobile by the rebels’ grenade and machine gun fire, which was directed towards Sherrain Reber. Kuno became aware of this and leaped through a hail of gunshots to thwart the assailant’s plan. The work was done. When Kuno tried to rescue his troops, he was seriously wounded.

He was really treated at the U.S. Army Veterinary Treatment Facility since he had gunshot wounds all over his back legs.
When Kuno’s paw was sliced, he had to wear a brace on one side and a prosthesis on the other.Kuno is presently wearing a brace on one side and a prosthesis on the other due to the injuries. In 2016, a prosthetic limb was given to Kuno, a military service dog from the United Kingdom. After retirement, he was adopted by a loving family. Now that he has free time, Kuno may play anything he wants. He is now able to have a loving life as a dog.

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Since the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) founded the Dickin Medal, he became the 72nd animal to earn it. Other 71 animals received medals, including four horses, 35 dogs, 32 WW2 courier pigeons, and 1 cat.

Ben Wallace, the British defense secretary, said in a statement that Kuno merits the Dickin Medal for his valor. The award, she said, is a significant acknowledgement of the local and worldwide contributions made by their military dogs. We are often reminded that these creatures were there to protect humans throughout the narrative.
Finally, he is enjoying his retirement with his family very well. He was due a content retirement. His commitment, selflessness, and bravery will never be forgotten!