Microdave: Britain’s Smallest Horse with a Big Heart

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Microdave: The Miniature Marvel with a Big Heart and Even Bigger Personality


Meet Microdave, affectionately known as MD, the four-legged sensation that has stolen hearts and garnered attention as “Britain’s Smallest Horse.” Now at the age of five, this small beauty continues to enchant horse lovers, and we had the pleasure of catching up with his proud owner, Jen Baldwin Murphy, for an exclusive insight into the world of this charismatic mini.

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Microdave’s Rise to Fame

Microdave first captured headlines at birth for being exceptionally small, earning him the title of “Britain’s Smallest Horse.” Owned by Jen Baldwin Murphy, he quickly became a local celebrity, charming everyone he met. His diminutive size, measuring just 33.5 inches, adds to his undeniable cuteness factor, making him a standout personality both on the streets and in the show ring.

A Peek into Microdave’s Life

Jen Murphy, owner, shares delightful details about this pint-sized wonder. At five years old, Microdave is not just a miniature horse; he’s a TV personality in his own right, known for his headstrong and charming demeanor. Jen describes him as having a “huge personality” and a penchant for the spotlight, often reminding everyone of his fame with an air of confidence.

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Personality Traits and Quirks

Microdave’s personality shines through in every aspect of his life. Described as cheeky and lovable, this mini horse has a particular fondness for cuddles and kisses. Jen reveals the adorable habit of him proudly displaying lipstick marks on his white blaze, showcasing just how much he enjoys affection. Additionally, he has a love for bum scratches, although Jen playfully warns about his tendency to lean on judges for extra attention during competitions.

Favorite Pastimes

While Microdave is busy stealing the spotlight in the show ring, his absolute favorite pastime might not come as a surprise – eating! Jen affectionately shares that his love for food knows no bounds. Beyond indulging in his culinary delights, he engages in playful rough-and-tumble sessions with his equally charming sisters, MicroBoo and MicroChip.

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Bond-Themed Names

Jen offers a peek into the creative world of naming Microdave and his sisters, revealing that their show names are all James Bond themed. Born on the day Christopher Leigh passed away, canine’s show name is Haysden Scaramanga, tying him to the iconic Bond legacy. The naming tradition extends to his sisters, with monikers like Moneypenny, Solitaire, Skyfall, and Blofeld, adding a touch of sophistication to this equine family.


Microdave, with his endearing charm and celebrity status, continues to capture the hearts of those who encounter him. Jen’s generous sharing of insights and precious photos allows us to witness the joy and charisma that this tiny horse brings to the world. In a time when smiles are precious, Microdave emerges as a delightful ambassador of joy, reminding us all of the simple pleasures found in the company of these extraordinary animals. Share the joy by introducing Microdave to fellow horse lovers and brighten their day with the enchanting tale of this miniature marvel.

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