Falabella – Small Horses with Big Hearts: A Tale of Tiny Equine Wonder


Falabella – Tiny Equine Wonder

Falabella : A significant number of individuals are aware that ponies are horses whose height at the withers doesn’t surpass 150 centimeters. Yet, there exists another fascinating category of these creatures known as miniature horses.

The Falabella, a miniature horse breed, boasts an average height of merely 61-71 centimeters. These ponies, characterized by their loyalty, boundless energy, and undeniable charm, are truly remarkable. Hence, we have gathered compelling facts and intriguing information about Falabella horses.


Full-grown Falabella horses weigh approximately 80 kilograms for males and around 70 kilograms for females. In contrast, foals of this breed are incredibly tiny, measuring just over 30 centimeters tall at birth. Despite differing opinions regarding the breed’s origin, it is widely believed to have been developed in Argentina during the 19th century. Patrik Newtal, a breeder, meticulously engaged in selective breeding, resulting in a breed that shared identical proportions with larger horses but on a much smaller scale. Following Newtal’s demise, his son-in-law Juan Falabella continued to nurture these animals. He introduced Shetland ponies and various other breeds into the lineage, further enhancing their characteristics while maintaining their diminutive stature.

The Falabella breed was officially recognized in the 1940s, with a standard height requirement of 93 centimeters, later reduced to 75 centimeters. Despite their diminutive size, the global population of Falabella horses remains limited, categorizing them as an endangered breed. Nevertheless, efforts to preserve and expand their numbers are ongoing in various centers worldwide. Today, these horses are primarily kept for shows and as pets. Their versatility allows small children to ride them, and they are even harnessed to specially adapted carriages.

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Falabella horses possess distinctive features, resembling their larger counterparts in proportions. They exhibit short coats in diverse colors such as brown, yellowish, white, black, and various combinations. Adult males weigh around 80 kilograms, while females weigh approximately 70 kilograms. Newborn Falabella foals are incredibly small, measuring just over 30 centimeters in height.

In terms of temperament, Falabella horses are exceptionally gentle and make affectionate pets. Their friendly nature has made them popular choices for children, who can easily handle and ride them. Remarkably, these miniature horses display exceptional talent in various sports, often competing in show jumping events with heights reaching up to an incredible 90 centimeters. Generally patient, they seldom exhibit aggression. However, proper training and socialization are crucial for both their miniatures and their larger counterparts.

Beyond companionship, miniature Falabella horses serve therapeutic purposes. After specialized training, these horses, accompanied by handlers, visit institutions like children’s hospitals, spreading joy wherever they go.

In terms of health, Falabella horses are remarkably hardy for their size and typically maintain good health. They enjoy a longer lifespan, often exceeding 40 years, which is significantly longer than larger horses that typically live between 20 and 30 years. However, due to their small stature, they are more susceptible to colic attacks, a potentially fatal condition. Preventative measures, including a proper diet rich in hay and minimal simple carbohydrates, can mitigate this risk.

Due to their size and good nature, horses of this breed are popular as pets for children, BECAUSE the youngest can easily lead them and even ride them.

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Falabella mares typically reach sexual maturity around the age of three. Their pregnancy lasts approximately 300 days, although in some cases, the birth of a foal might take up to 380 days.

If you’re considering getting a Falabella horse, there are important factors to keep in mind. Purchasing a foal or a very young horse, especially if you’re a novice owner, might not be advisable. Despite their small size, these horses require the same level and quality of training as their larger counterparts to ensure they are safe for children and properly socialized. Professional trainers can help bring out their full potential, transforming them into fantastic riding horses and gentle pets.

Additionally, Falabella miniature horses need ample space for free movement, such as a pasture, as well as suitable shelter from cold weather. Access to good veterinary care and farriers is essential. Like larger horses, Falabellas require regular shoeing, typically every six weeks, along with proper hoof care. Finally, selecting a breeder who conducts timely health checks on the horse is crucial. This ensures the horse you purchase is in good health and prepared for its new home. Taking these considerations into account ensures a happy and healthy relationship with your Falabella companion.

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