Horse Therapy: Bringing Smiles to the elderly in Nursing Homes


Gentle Giants, Big Smiles: Horse Therapy in Nursing Homes

In the heartwarming realm of therapy animals, Clydesdale horses like Neigh-Neigh stand out as remarkable healers. While miniature horses are often seen bringing smiles to hospitals and nursing homes, Neigh-Neigh, the 13-year-old Clydesdale, takes this gesture to a grand scale. Partnered with Chamberlin’s, Neigh-Neigh embarks on a mission to spread love and joy, especially among the elderly in nursing homes. With her gentle nature and immense size, she has become a beloved figure, lighting up every place she visits. This story unveils the extraordinary impact of Neigh-Neigh’s visits, showcasing the profound connections she forms and the joy she brings to countless lives.

Chamberlin’s has taken therapy horse visits to a new level by introducing Clydesdale horses, the affectionate gentle giants, to hospitals and nursing homes. Among these horses is Neigh-Neigh, a 13-year-old Clydesdale, who frequently visits local nursing homes, spreading joy and love among the residents.


Incredible Therapy for happiness
While Neigh-Neigh primarily focuses on nursing home visits, her affectionate nature knows no bounds. She spreads love not only to the elderly but also to people of all ages, making hospital visits and participating in Chamberlin’s Ride a Clyde campaign, which aims to promote the Clydesdale horse breed in the region.

No matter where Neigh-Neigh goes, her presence brightens the entire space. Although some staff members may feel apprehensive about having such a large animal in the center, Neigh-Neigh is a seasoned professional. She is always impeccably behaved, bringing smiles to everyone she encounters.

During her initial visit to a senior nursing home, Neigh-Neigh was initially planned for a one-hour visit. However, the demand from the residents was so overwhelming that the visit extended to two and a half hours. The emotional impact was profound, leaving very few dry eyes among both the staff and the visitors.

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Neigh-Neigh, the Clydesdale ambassador of love, has not just become a therapy animal; she’s transformed into a symbol of hope and happiness. With her warm presence, she effortlessly breaks barriers and fosters connections between generations. Whether it’s the elderly in nursing homes, patients in hospitals, or participants in Chamberlin’s campaigns, Neigh-Neigh leaves an indelible mark of positivity and compassion. Through her visits, she teaches us the boundless power of kindness and the incredible impact a gentle giant can have on the human heart. Neigh-Neigh’s story reminds us that sometimes, the biggest hearts come in the grandest packages.

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