Horses Nurture Orphaned Baby Deer in Mother’s Absence: A Heartwarming Tale of Animal Compassion


Horses caring for a baby deer in the absence of its mother.

The baby deer, abandoned and seeking its mother, found refuge on a ranch in Routt County, Colorado, near Steamboat Springs. The horses on the ranch recognized the fawn’s plight and cared for it as if it were one of their own, ensuring its safety until its mother returned.

Ranch owner Kally May noticed unusual behavior among her animals and decided to investigate. As she witnessed the heartwarming sight of her horses caring for the abandoned fawn, she was deeply moved. Kally managed to capture the moment in photographs.

Concerned about the fawn’s well-being and its missing mother, Kally contacted a wildlife agency for advice. However, they reassured her to leave the fawn alone, as they believed its mother would eventually return.

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Indeed, in nature, it’s common for deer mothers to leave their newborns alone when they go in search of food. This behavior helps them evade predators and allows them to move more swiftly.

Horses caring for a baby deer

Kally made the right choice by deciding to “leave it be” with the baby fawn. She was delighted to witness the mother and child reunited the next day! “The fawn’s mother returned this morning!” May wrote on Thursday. “The conclusion was truly heartwarming.”

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In conclusion, the heartwarming story of the horses tending to the abandoned baby deer on Kally May’s ranch in Routt County, Colorado, highlights the remarkable compassion and understanding exhibited by animals. The horses, acting as surrogate caretakers, provided comfort and security to the young fawn until its mother returned. This touching incident not only showcases the innate kindness of animals but also serves as a reminder of the delicate balance of nature, where creatures, big and small, demonstrate remarkable acts of care and empathy. May’s decision to let nature take its course ultimately led to a heartening reunion between the fawn and its mother, reaffirming the beauty of the natural world and the enduring bonds between animals and their young.

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