Every morning, a stray dog “mysteriously appeared” at school. The teacher became involved.


When a teacher arrives at work in the morning, she anticipates seeing students, buses, and the hubbub of a new day and a dog waiting at the main door of an elementary school in Houston, Texas is unique. That’s precisely what took place. One morning, Caleb Schaffer arrived at work to find a gorgeous puppy waiting for him. As Schaffer passed the dog, he kept thinking about the Lab mix outside the school. He decided to go back to see if anything had changed, but sadly, the dog had vanished. He had to go to class, so he passed the animal while walking.

Attempts by animal control to capture the dog were fruitless. The dog was back at the entryway the next morning, and Schaffer saw him. The dog subsequently disappeared once again after he repeated his actions. He was obviously aware of the dog’s repulsive skin based on the way he whimpered and scratched at it. The arrival of the dog on the third day prompted Schaffer to act.

He called the dog in and as he approached his vehicle, the hound got right in behind him. Schaffer brought his wife back home to work since he was impossible for her to support. He tried contacting a variety of rescue groups, but none were willing to take him in. No one could fit him. He was handed to a nearby animal shelter after receiving a fundamental wash and basic treatment.


The video was thankfully seen by Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption, who arranged for Clive to have a foster home. Schaffer gives his class the tale. He gave him the name Clive and posted images of him on Facebook with Urgent Shelter Pets of Houston. There are a lot of stray animals around here, so I’m able to talk about spaying, neutering, heartworm prevention, and shelter living, according to his interview.

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