Watch the Golden Retriever’s adorable response when meeting the family’s new rescue kitten.


A heartbreaking video of a dog welcoming his new family member, a little rescued kitten, is going viral on the internet.

The vіdeo of kitten, іnіtіаlly ѕhаred, gаіned mіllіonѕ of vіewѕ ѕo fаr аnd рeoрle ѕіmply саn’t get enough of іt.


The excessive amount of cheese is the fault of Idahoan Kate Squbb! The 25-year-old woman captured the exact moment when her dog Lucy met Joey, a 4-week-old rescue kitten, while she was at her parents’ house. The video opens with the fluffy ball cozily seated on a carpet in the center of the room and advancing toward the Golden Retiree. The dog doesn’t seem overjoyed at the idea of sharing her space or even more of her parents’ attention with someone else, however.

image 183

The unexpected meeting left Lucy feeling somewhat anxious, and she doesn’t seem to know how to deal with the cute little person. He continues to be nice and is making an attempt to pet her with his mouth, but she abruptly changes her mind and walks away. The next brief frame shows the anxious dog around the kitten while waiting for her to make the move. He eventually tires out and slides down the carpet a few feet.

image 184

You саn wаtсh the vіdeo bellow: