Every day, a sweet dog checks up on the newborn triplets, spreading an aura of warmth and joy.


It’s only right that their older brother showers these gorgeous newborn triplets with affection as Goldendoodles are renowned to offer their offspring a lot of affection. Three newborn triplets are the pride of the Barnes family of Branford, Connecticut. Since they came, Sunny, the younger children’s goldendoodle big brother, has been keeping an eye on them.


The infants in this video are ridiculously adorable, which is why it became popular. There have been millions of views of the video. Sunny comes up to his two-month-old people, stands on a footstool with his hind legs on the footstool and his front paws on the sofa, and gives them a kind gaze. In the video, all three infants can be seen sitting on their pillows on the sofa in a sweet little row.

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He glances up at mom as he cuddles each infant, letting her know that everything is well in baby world. He then moves from one infant to the next, giving each one a loving kiss and informing her that he is looking after each one separately.Sunny is obviously captivated with these three tiny ones and loves spending time with them. In the future, nothing will separate him from them.