Heartwarming Connection: These 4 young bunnies cuddle with this golden retriever all day long because they believe he is their dad.


Four lovely bunnies recently surprised Bailey, a gentle and gorgeous Golden Retriever.

Bailey seems to be more than OK with this new situation, and the bunnies appear to be sure that he is their new father.

image 147

Even though baby bunnies are already ridiculously adorable, adding a cuddly Golden to the mix is nearly too much to take.

There is just too much sweetness going on for our hearts to handle.

image 148

In the video, the rabbits snuggle up to their new dad and to one another while Bailey tenderly kisses his new baby “puppies.”

They also like bouncing around on the bed and smelling their way around their new house.

image 149

The rabbits are playing on, beneath, and around Bailey, and he seems to be extremely happy.

He sometimes licks them or gives them an inquisitive sniff, but he also seems willing to sit back and let them have fun.

image 150

When you think it can’t be much sweeter, Sky, a tiny bugle, joins the group.

It’s very cute to watch Sky and the bunnies examine each other; they seem to be really captivated with one another.

image 151

Even though the rabbits in the movie are only 22 days old, they are already extremely vibrant and animated.

Bailey adores the cute little group, and we have no doubt that he will give them all the cuddles they need.

We’re sure you’re itching for more sweetness now that you’ve taken in all of this.

Luckily, Bailey’s YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook allow you to see even more of Bailey and his buddies.

Watch the whole video in all its adorable beauty first, however!