Dog’s Joyful Screams and Leaps of Delight After 10-Day Separation


You want some attention? Everything is better when a puppy is hugging you! They are very loyal and unconditionally loving beings. Additionally, they provide us a lot of joy, particularly on bad days. writes perceptive story.

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As this video demonstrates, dogs typically react fast and frequently express their joy in really amusing ways.

Dog owners probably have experience with this situation. When you return from a trip—whether it’s a vacation or just a business trip—without your preferred pet, your dog will be glad to see you again.

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Although 10 days is probably not very long for most people, it was too long for the man’s dog in the video below!

One of his friends picked him up at the airport. He wasn’t alone since he had really taken the man’s dog with him.


The instant the dog hears his master’s voice, he leaps out of the open vehicle window and sprints to the man he loves, telling him in his own language how much he misses him.

Watch this cute video: