Curious Dog Cares For Butterflies In His Garden


The Golden Retriever Milo runs in the garden with his mother Jen every morning and butterflies always around him. He likes to harvest vegetables from his garden. He lives in California and is constantly interested in finding out more about his mother’s interests, even if it’s only cleaning up the vegetables.

Credit: @milo_the_toller

The interactions between the Golden Retriever and his butterfly friends, however, greatly intrigue him. Jen had planted a lot of plants. There, the monarch butterfly lays her eggs. Additionally, Jen had started collecting the caterpillars and placing them in the butterfly box. She wanted to protect these delicate larvae from predators and other environmental dangers. Jen tends to the caterpillars as a result until they are mature. Then she leaves them in the expansive garden. When his mother does that, Milo, on the other hand, is mesmerized by the magnificent butterflies.

image 167
Credit: @milo_the_toller

He would recline close to the butterflies and remain fixed in their direction. He had no desire to harm them. Despite the fact that they typically fell on his forehead and nose. He would wait calmly until the butterflies took position. Milo would be quite gentle and patient with them. But when Jen brings in the weekly flowers, he likes to stick his snout out.

image 168
Credit: @milo_the_toller

Milo is so nice with them that even the butterflies are not scared of him. Jen would make a flowery headdress for Milo. The Tiara’s beauty was enhanced by the butterflies’ frequent visits and perches there. The Golden Retriever and the butterflies get along nicely and both like him. This shows how a link between two animal species may be honest and intense and how compassion and love can coexist.