With Pride, Arnold Schwarzenegger Introduces “Schnitzel,” His New Dog.


Arnie, 74, gave his new pet the name Schnitzel on Christmas day in celebration of his favorite Austrian meal and, more importantly, his own name. Last week, he shared a photo on Instagram introducing the new family member to his newsletter readers. It’s time to introduce him to you, he wrote.


I gave her a gift for Christmas! Her name is Schnitzel, after my own favorite Austrian meal. I am unable to continue taking part in her films and movies as she gets older. She and Dutch used to be fashionable Musketeers. We are addressing every relationship dynamic. Cherry flashes her fangs, and Lulu tries to seduce her. He brought it up.

Whatever else is going on, Whiskey doesn’t care as long as she receives her meal. After all, she’s a cute little meatball. He observed.

The Terminator hero also enjoyed a jackass named Lulu, an atomic horse named Whiskey, and kids named Dutch, pate, and Cherry. Arnie found it easier to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic having a house full of adorable favorites. In his own words, “it is awful when animals are around you, playing with you, making funny sounds, and accosting your loved one.”