A man’s extreme dedication to his dog leads him to cash out his 401K to cover the surgery costs


How far are you willing to go to rescue your dog?
Without a doubt, Jason Garrett is the best.
He will do everything to protect Lola, his cherished tiny Schnauzer.
Lola was barely eight weeks old when she first met Jason.
Lola doesn’t seem to be dealing with a serious illness.
We had an event in November when she returned after a stroll and fainted. She has a faulty mitral valve, which results in an enlarged heart, Jason said.
Pre-heart failure was identified as Lola’s ailment.
What could possibly be worse? Lola could only have a year or two left if she doesn’t get surgery soon. What terrible news for Jason.

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Jason’s therapy dog is named Lola.
Lola is the only one who can rescue Jason because of his bipolar condition and sadness.
Jason’s success is due to Lola.

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As a result, Jason keeps providing elders, low-income families, and at-risk adolescents with housing options.
He may not be able to do this work if he hadn’t discovered a way to manage his mental health problems.
The one thing that may be able to rescue Lola, however, is something his present job cannot support.
There is just one remedy for Lola’s ailment.
coronary angioplasty. Nobody ever wants to hear those three words.
They will be able to spend more time together and Lola’s life may be saved thanks to this operation.
However, the procedure is intricate and highly specialized.

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It has an expensive price tag.
Amounting to almost $45,000 USD. For most individuals in the world, it wouldn’t be much money, but Jason was gambling everything.
Unfortunately, he does not make enough money from his employment at the charity organization to readily pay this sum.
No one joins a charity organization, as Jason pointed out, to become wealthy.
The fee covers the $17,000 procedure as well as travel and lodging expenses in Japan. Yes, the operation will happen in Japan, where Dr. Masami Uechi practices.
He has previously carried out a number of identical procedures with a 90% success rate.
Although it won’t be simple, Jason was ready to give up everything for his beloved Lola. He has already withdrawn money from his 401(k) retirement account and is using it to pay for the procedure.
Jason is also selling his automobile.
He’s selling a 2018 Hyundai Elantra to aid with the money.

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There’s a chance the procedure won’t need Jason and Lola to fly to Japan. It turns out that at the University of Florida, Dr. Uechi has been instructing physicians in the same technique.
This is fantastic news for two reasons: first, it will make the treatment more accessible, and second, it will drive down the price of the process.
It’s an extremely unique and highly skilled process that calls for the cooperation of several teams from all around the world.According to Dr. Justin Williams, Lola’s veterinarian and cardiologist at the OakVet Animal Specialty Hospital in Oakland, California, “the more experience for efficiency, the more available through the United States.”

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The gift of a lifetime then arrived.
In order to generate money for Lola’s costly operation, a GoFundMe was set up.
The coffers of the contribution website for Lola rapidly overflowed in a wave of incredible love and support.

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A unbelievable $50,705 was given to Lola.
At the ripe old age of 12, Lola is still a successful therapy dog after having her operation.
Without a doubt, Jason has shown that he would stop at nothing to ensure the safety and welfare of his cherished Schnauzer dog.
Along with raising awareness of an illness that was poorly known, he has also offered hope to numerous other pet owners who are dealing with similar uncertainties as Lola. We’ll always be thankful for it.