A Golden Retriever shows an unforgettable reaction while opening a surprise package!


Who doesn’t feel happy when a package comes in the mail? You have to admit that, even if it’s just a package of sponges, it seems like a little prize. A Golden Retriever just received something rather extraordinary: a brand-new puppy sibling!

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Credit: @vickimolnar

We’ve heard stories of infants being delivered naturally, such as by storks, but never via Amazon Prime. On the other hand, it would seem that the joke is on us based on the video that is posted on Vicki Molnar’s (@vickimolnar) TikTok page. The video depicts Walker, the Golden Retriever, unwrapping a very special present.

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Credit: @vickimolnar

According to Molnar’s explanation in the on-screen text that goes with the movie, they “Brought home a baby sibling for our Golden boy.” As soon as the Amazon package was put in front of Walker, he began to search through it, but he needed some help to locate the special object hidden within. Observe his actions after he learns what is hidden there.

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Credit: @vickimolnar

After experiencing a heartbreaking loss earlier in the year, the family decided to bring Waylon into their lives to help their grieving Golden Retriever. The dog had been upset when his sister had to leave and only visit part-time. To lift his spirits, the family surprised him with a new canine friend. In a heartwarming update, the mom shared a video of the two puppies cuddling shortly after Waylon’s arrival, showcasing the positive impact of their new addition on their existing pet’s well-being.