You’ll Melt Your Heart With This Unusual Animal Friendship!


Meet Sirius, a puppy Maremma sheepdog, and Mercury, a therapy horse in training.

Mercury, a blue-eyed American miniature horse, was born on the property when Sirius was three months old, and the two quickly became close.

image 93

They may have begun playing together and sleeping together since they were both infants at the same time, or maybe it was because Mercury’s mother was quite at ease with Maremmas and didn’t mind Sirius spending time with her foal.

They work together on almost everything.

Mercury and Sirius are learning how to travel in a vehicle around the farm, walk and stand on a lead, and go up and down stairs together.

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Sirius follows Mercury inside the farmhouse not long behind.

While Mercury, with his tiny small hooves, needs to practice walking on various floor surfaces, Sirius, with his enormous fluffy paws that seem too large for his frame, needs to develop basic indoor manners.

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Mercury is learning how to be a therapy horse like his equine companions at Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, and he will ultimately work in hospitals, hospice programs, and with families who have gone through painful experiences.

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Sirius waits for his return on the porch of the farmhouse when he goes on a trip with his mother for a hospital training visit.

When Mercury and Sirius reach adulthood, they will be around the same size as the Gentle Carousel therapy horses, many of which weigh less than 100 pounds.

These close buddies will remain housemates on the property for all time.

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Debbie Garcia-Bengochea, Education Director at Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, commented on the uncommon connection that has grown between Sirius and Mercury by saying, “Just because you are different doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. You only need to be concerned about one another.