Enduring Friendship: Waffles the Mini Horse and Hemingway the Goose Find Their Forever Home Together


Unlikely Duo Finds Forever Home Together: Waffles the Mini Horse and Hemingway the Goose

Waffles, a mini horse, and Hemingway, a goose, captured hearts globally with their heartwarming story. Rescued by the Bucks County SPCA from appalling conditions on a Pennsylvania farm, this unique pair’s bond stood out. Despite their ordeal, their shared experiences forged an unbreakable connection.

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Shelter supervisor Rachel Freeman highlighted their inseparable bond, emphasizing their resilience through trying circumstances. Separating them at the shelter was unthinkable, considering the adversity they’d faced together. Even during medical check-ups, Hemingway steadfastly supported Waffles.

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While other animals at the shelter found homes, Waffles and Hemingway awaited a unique adoption. The duo needed someone who’d commit to keeping them together, understanding their extraordinary companionship.

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Their story reached national attention through social media and news outlets, earning spots on shows like ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

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Their touching tale inspired countless adoption applications, totaling over 150. After careful consideration, Bucks County SPCA identified the perfect family for Waffles and Hemingway. With vet clearance, the inseparable friends embarked on a new journey, heading to their forever home.

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Their remarkable friendship resonated deeply, showcasing resilience, unity, and the power of unlikely connections. As Waffles the Mini Horse and Hemingway settle into their new abode, their story continues to remind us of the enduring strength of companionship.

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