The world’s saddest cat adopted by a couple, after an hour, begins to change in appearances


From Sadness to Joy: The Remarkable Transformation of the World’s Saddest Cat

Adoption of animals – cats has given rise to many touching tales of unforeseen friendships and second chances. A couple who decided to adopt what was called “the saddest cat” from a shelter is the subject of one such story.

They had no idea that this choice would not only transform the cat’s life but also demonstrate the amazing capacity for healing and compassion to arise from the most unexpected of sources.

At the shelter, a Canadian ginger cat named Ben Ben waited impatiently to be adopted. A family must go through a lot to welcome a furry new member into their house, and Ben Ben’s only want was to be loved and at ease in the company of a welcoming new family.

Image credits: mrwillisthecat

Ben Ben suffered “deep lacerations, a mangled ear, and an injured spine” when he was discovered. Ben Ben did not have a cheerful appearance, although this was not due to his difficult childhood or his disabilities. Ben Ben always has a sad expression on his face because he has too much skin on his face.

After receiving care from the shelter, he was put with a family. Sadly, he wasn’t able to stay in his new house for as long as he had hoped. Ben Ben’s family ended up returning him to the shelter not long after they brought him home. They said that due to Ben Ben’s injuries and the tragic possibility that he may never be able to walk again, they were unable to provide the kind of care he required.

Luckily for him, a lady made the decision to provide Ben Ben with the loving home he so richly deserves after learning of his grave condition. Ben Ben was supposed to be put to sleep, but the day before, he was adopted. He had someone watching out for him!

He adapted to his new habitat rapidly after being introduced there. It was hardly an hour later that this tiny gentleman began to appear. He began to wake up, investigate his new home, and engage in play with his new owners.

Walking and having a great time with his new siblings and sisters, Ben Ben enjoys spending time with his new parents. We know he is finally happy on the inside, even if he seems depressed on the surface.