A horse that lived alone for 17 years makes a friend in her last year


A Solitary Horse Finds Friendship in Her Final Year

Gidget experienced a loneliness that no horse or any animal should ever have to go through. She lived alone in a barn’s basement for 17 years, at least ten of those years spent alone from horses or people. To feed her, her aging owner would only pour oats down a chute. Eventually, Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary was informed of Gidget’s predicament.


She was saved by the sanctuary. Gidget’s eyes lit up with excitement as soon as she got off the vehicle and arrived at the farm. She didn’t have to wait long to make friends with Peggy, the little horse in the next stall. Gidget and Peggy both needed someone to spend time with. They became great pals very soon.

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Gidget enjoyed her best friend’s companionship and a year filled with affection at Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary. Peggy was very saddened by Gidget’s death. She was facing Gidget’s halter. resisted leaving it, waiting for her beloved companion to come out of their enclosure.

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Peggy was overcome with sadness. The workers at Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary revealed that Peggy lost her companion on Easter Sunday morning five years before. After losing Gidget, Peggy had laminitis in less than two weeks.
She descended into melancholy. There was so much inflammation in her body. She suddenly became unable to walk. Since then, she has been coping with laminitis bouts.
Peggy was introduced to two rescued donkeys by the farm, and she tried to make friends with them. That being said, their relationship didn’t develop as she had intended. Someone was waiting for her. Years later, another horse named Bourbon was brought to the refuge.
Peggy and Bourbon have bonded as friends, greatly enhancing each other’s happiness.

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Sadly, Peggy’s health is not in the state it should be. On their Facebook page, Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary mentioned how excruciatingly painful laminitis is.

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“We closely monitor all facets of her nutrition, hoof care, bedding, and medicine,” they said, “yet laminitis won’t totally go away for her (she also has Cushings illness and equine metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance)… Please remember Peg in your prayers, and if you could donate a little amount of money toward her treatment plan, that would be much appreciated.”