The real story behind the heroic photo of the horse that saved the drowning blind dog


When “Agripin,” the horse, saw a puppy that needed to be rescued from drowning, he was swimming close to the Danube River. A little blind dog got free from a nearby pier and floated far out to sea, unable to find its way back to shore. When the dog became lost, Agripin offered to help her return to shore.

Abby mounted Agripin and rode back to shore as the river was somewhat shallow and Agripin could stand on his own. When Agripin saved the tiny dog from the river, the dog’s owner was in awe.
The rescue tale that was previously recounted is amazing, however it is completely false! This photo and its accompanying narrative garnered a lot of attention on social media a few years back.

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An animal lover clarified on that neither the dog nor the horse are blind, nor did they rescue it. The dog is named Lucy, and the animal is named Brenda Lee. Their father, Brian Sean Reid of Horses Know the Way Home, is their closest buddy and they are the best of friends. Jodie Sinclair, an equestrian photographer, took the picture. These are the best of friends—native American creatures.

Sinclair snapped a few photos of the gorgeous pair swimming at the beach. Sinclair thought Lucy was as bit as robust and self-assured as the little puppy. “The most courageous, independent, tireless tiny being I have ever encountered,” is how she describes Lucy.

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Upon seeing the photo’s global popularity, the Horses Know the Way Home Facebook page pondered, “How many lives could Brenda Lee and Lucy save together this summer if they worked together?” Even buddy meet-ups are planned by the two!

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