The Herd Heartily Welcomes New Budweiser Clydesdale Members!


It’s amazing news when a boy and female Clydesdale calf are born on the same day!
They were thrilled to announce the birth of two new Budweiser Clydesdale ponies at Warm Springs Farm in Boonville, Missouri. And since this gorgeous duo is so cute and plump, everyone is overjoyed about their birth.
With a lofty build, a gorgeous iridescent brown coat, a white furry face, and four noble white legs that seem to be wearing socks, the Clydesdale is an incredibly beautiful horse!

When fully grown, clydesdales weigh around 2,000 pounds and are approximately 6 feet tall. A single adult Clydesdale may eat up to 20 pounds of grain and 50 pounds of hay per day, in addition to drinking up to 35 gallons of water.

Scientists and the ranch have put in a great deal of effort to protect this rare kind of horse!


In 2008, Warm Springs Ranch, a complex of over 300 acres, was established. Ten fields, a vet clinic, and stables for ponies and stallions are all located there. The facility is home to around 70 distinct Clydes, ranging in size from ponies to stallions.

Tickets are available to view these really gorgeous horses. We assure you that the chance to see these incredible creatures won’t pass you by!