Resilience and Hope: Thor the Miniature Shetland’s Journey to Recovery


A Tale of Resilience and Seeking a Forever Home for Shetland pony

In the rolling landscapes of Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, a tale of abandonment and resilience unfolds as a 15-year-old skewbald miniature Shetland pony, now affectionately named Thor, finds himself under the care of the ISPCA after being discovered abandoned and left to stray for approximately ten days.

The ISPCA’s Inspector Kevin McGinley spearheaded Thor’s rescue, orchestrating a swift removal from a situation that posed potential harm to the little gelding. Despite the ISPCA’s primary role not involving the impounding of healthy stray animals especially Shetland pony, Thor’s plight prompted their immediate intervention, ensuring his safety and well-being.

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“Thor’s case stands as a testament to the importance of swift action and compassion,” stated Inspector McGinley. “We’re relieved to have been able to step in and provide Thor with the care and attention he deserves.”

Transported to the National Animal Centre in Keenagh, Co. Longford, Thor found solace and care in the nurturing environment provided by the dedicated staff. His resilience shone through as he settled into his new surroundings, displaying a spirit that spoke of hope amidst adversity.


Despite efforts to locate Thor’s previous caretakers, no one has come forward to claim him. As a result, plans are underway to find Thor a loving and experienced home, one where he can thrive as a companion to another pony. His journey to recovery has only just begun, and finding the right environment will play a pivotal role in his healing process.

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“Thor’s future is bright, and our goal is to ensure he finds a home that understands his needs,” remarked an ISPCA spokesperson. “We’re seeking a compassionate and knowledgeable individual or family who can provide Thor with the support and care he deserves.”


Thor’s story encapsulates not just a tale of abandonment but also resilience, hope, and the unwavering dedication of those committed to safeguarding the welfare of animals in Shetland need. His journey toward rehabilitation serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and responsible animal care within our communities.

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For those considering welcoming Thor into their lives, the ISPCA emphasizes the necessity of an experienced home capable of offering the care and attention required for his well-being.

As Thor continues his recovery journey, the ISPCA remains steadfast in their mission to secure a future brimming with safety, comfort, and love for this resilient miniature Shetland pony named Thor.

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