Officer’s Heartwarming Act: Rescuing a Donkey and Providing a Unique Ride to Safety


A Tale of Compassion: Officer’s Unique Rescue Mission for Squishy the Donkey

In a heartwarming display of compassion and quick thinking, Officer Kyle Canaan from the Norman, Oklahoma Police Department recently found himself handling an unexpected situation that captured the hearts of many.

It all began when Robin Strader, a concerned citizen on her way to work, spotted a frightened donkey wandering along a bustling highway. Without hesitation, Robin pulled over and sprang into action, calling for assistance while trying not to startle the distressed creature.

Rescuing a Donkey

Officer Canaan promptly responded to the unusual call. Upon arrival, he faced an unprecedented scenario. However, his resourcefulness and empathy kicked in, devising a plan to ensure the donkey’s safety.

With the owner’s location a few miles away and the necessary transport taking longer than expected, Officer Canaan made a decision that would warm hearts everywhere. Despite the peculiarity of the situation, he offered Squishy, as the donkey came to be known, a unique ride to safety – in the backseat of his patrol car.

Rescuing a Donkey

Norman, OK Police Department took to Facebook to share this extraordinary moment, highlighting the unpredictable nature of their daily duties. Their post expressed pride in Officer Canaan’s quick actions, stating, “This morning, Officer Kyle Canaan answered a call about a donkey roaming along 120th Avenue NE at 8100. He transported the donkey to a nearby home to ensure its safety until its owner was found. It’s not every day that you see a donkey in a police car!”

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The heartwarming rescue of Squishy not only ensured the donkey’s well-being but also highlighted the compassion and dedication of law enforcement officers like Officer Canaan. This exceptional act of kindness resonates as a shining example of going above and beyond the call of duty, ensuring that even the most unexpected creatures find safety and care in times of need.

This heartening story serves as a reminder that acts of kindness, regardless of the scale or recipient, leave a lasting impact and inspire us all to extend compassion wherever it’s needed.

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