Large Jake is a big boy who gets noticed wherever he goes.North American spotted draft horse named Big Jake. A king-sized Hidalgo. Perhaps you should glance at him and his gorgeous blue eyes if you’re looking for a dazzling attention-getter that would turn heads as you go into the arena! He is such a darling and has a wonderful attitude.


Big Jake was a legendary Red Spotted Draft Horse who captured the hearts of many and earned his place in the annals of equine history. Born in 2000 in Nebraska, USA, Big Jake was a Belgian horse, known for his impressive size and gentle nature.

Big Jake stood at a towering height of 20.2 hands (82.75 inches or 210.2 cm) at his withers, making him officially recognized as the world’s tallest horse by the Guinness World Records. His striking red coat with white “spotted” markings only added to his majestic appearance.

Throughout his life, Big Jake lived on Smokey Hollow Farm in Wisconsin, where he became a beloved and iconic figure in the local community and beyond. He was a gentle giant, known for his calm and friendly demeanor. Visitors from far and wide came to see him and were often in awe of his sheer size and gentle nature.

One of the remarkable aspects of Big Jake’s story was his role as a goodwill ambassador for draft horses. He participated in numerous public appearances, charity events, and parades, drawing attention to the importance of preserving and appreciating these magnificent equines.

Tragically, in July 2021, Big Jake passed away peacefully at the age of 20. His death marked the end of an era for those who had been fortunate enough to encounter this gentle giant. While he may no longer be with us, Big Jake’s legacy lives on, reminding us of the extraordinary beauty and grace that can be found in these majestic draft horses, and the profound impact they can have on our lives