Loyal Protector: Dedicated Dog Stays by Baby Sister’s Side as She Takes Her First Steps!


Mason first was informed of all the events surrounding Allison’s pregnancy. He would cram himself up to her belly and stay motionless. Matt was excited and nervous at the same time as they brought Jordan home for the first time.

Credit: @beachblondeboston

They didn’t think Mason would treat Jordan in the way he did, and they were wrong. Mason eventually turned into Jordan’s devoted friend. He had been at her side ever since she had walked into the home and had always been there.

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Credit: @beachblondeboston

Mason served as Jordan’s go-to source of comfort at all times. He would come up behind her and sit down next to her. There were no limitations on what she could get away with from Mason. The pair talked in a special language that only Matt and Allison could fully comprehend. Jordan was on the brink of taking her first steps at one point. Mason served as her go-to person at the time.

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Credit: @beachblondeboston

Jordan was sitting up but hadn’t moved yet, so Mason stood next to him. Taking her time, she soon began to move, depending on Mason to help keep her upright as she went. She quickly got to the stage where she could do it alone.

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Credit: @beachblondeboston

Jordan was as proud of her successes as Mason was. Since they went for walks at the beach together, Mason was thrilled to see that his friend was more active. Jordan and Mason are the closest of friends and can never be apart.