Husky dogs with different eyes: characteristic of race or marriage?


Husky – this is one of the most fashionable and expensive dog breeds today. To have such an animal cannot afford one. Animals are not only distinguished by large size, but require constant attention and a host of long walks. Outside these dogs engage the admiring glances of passers-by and cause them a lot of questions. For example, some are trying to find out how often Husky was born with different eyes?

Why Husky different eyes?

The correct answer to this question can only give you a doctor, after a special examination of the dog. Usually it is an innate phenomenon, a tendency for appearance which is passed on to a genetic level. Heterochromia is the only external feature. This does not affect vision. Moreover, multi-colored eyes are not considered a defect or marriage. And offspring have especially dogs can be born a perfectly ordinary way. Sometimes he has also acquired heterochromia, which is the result of prolonged use of medications, or a complication of chronic diseases.

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Husky with different eyes, to bring good luck!

Usually heterochromia can be seen in animals at a young age. puppy eyes can really change color slightly as they mature. But if individual shades of irises change, they are unlikely to become identical with age. Need to pick up your Husky at home with different eyes? Of course, if you were dreaming of a four-legged breed friend. This feature does not affect the health of the dog. Moreover, many are looking for a particular puppy with heterochromia because they think they are too cute.