Rescued and Thriving: 200 Horses Find Love and Life at a Beautiful Sanctuary


In the beautiful landscapes of Oregon, a Tale of Resilience, Compassion, and 200 Thriving Souls

In the tranquil beautiful landscapes of Oregon, amidst rolling hills and lush pastures, lies a sanctuary that embodies compassion and care for the majestic creatures that grace our world – Duchess Sanctuary. Here, nearly 200 rescued horses and a handful of donkeys have found solace, safety, and a forever home. Guiding them through this journey of healing and love is Jennifer Kunz, a passionate advocate with a lifelong dream of being surrounded by these magnificent animals.

At Duchess Sanctuary, her dream has become a reality, as she tends to each horse, knowing them not just as residents but as cherished individuals with unique personalities and histories. Let us delve into the heartwarming tale of Duchess Sanctuary, where every hoofbeat resonates with the promise of love and lifelong devotion.

Situated in the picturesque state of Oregon, Duchess Sanctuary provides a haven for nearly 200 rescued horses and a handful of donkeys.

Covering an expansive area of 1,120 acres, this facility offers a secure and joyful environment where the horses can peacefully spend the remainder of their days, indulging in the abundant green pastures.

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At Duchess Sanctuary, each horse is granted a forever home, ensuring they receive enduring love and utmost respect throughout their lives.


Jennifer Kunz fulfills her lifelong dream of being surrounded by beautiful horses at Duchess Sanctuary. She cares for the 200 rescued horses residing on the 1,120-acre facility near Oakland, Oregon, knowing each of them by name.

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Duchess Sanctuary serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the positive impact that kindness and understanding can have on the lives of animals in need. It is a place where second chances are not just given but are celebrated, where every gallop signifies triumph over adversity, and where the echoes of whinnies and hoofbeats tell a story of resilience, love, and the enduring bond between humans and horses. As we leave the gates of Duchess Sanctuary in our hearts, we carry the profound lesson that love, when freely given, can heal wounds, restore trust, and create a haven of happiness for all beautiful beings .