Join the Celebration: Adopted Golden Retriever’s 20th Birthday Brings Joy to All!


Even while we’d love it if they all did, not every dog gets to celebrate their 20th birthday. But this past April, August, the adopted golden retriever known as Augie, celebrated her big 2-0.
So how did Miss Augie enjoy her holiday? Obviously with cake. Augie received party goodies, had a freshly crafted, delicious carrot cake that was dog-friendly, and got to spend time with her Golden Retriever siblings, Belle, Bruce, and Sherman. Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt, her pet parents, were there to snap pictures and sing her happy birthday.

Golden retrievers and the majority of other canines do not often survive to be 20 years old.
A golden retriever has a 10- to 12-year lifetime. Augie is reportedly the first known member of her breed to reach the 20-year mark, despite the fact that other golden retrievers have lived into their teens, according to the golden retriever site Golden Hearts.

Three’s a Clairiff
Before finally finding her permanent home with the couple that acquired the senior dog via Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada (GRRSN), Augie had previously lived in two other homes.
When she and her husband were living in Nevada in 2003, Jennifer cofounded GRRSN with a number of other ladies. She served as the organization’s intake manager for 14 years until leaving in 2017.

Augie siblings in rain coats 2
credit: Jennifer Hetterscheidt

On April 24, 2000, Augie was born. She lived in a loving family until 2007, when a divorce amid the housing crisis led to her being put up for sale on Craigslist. Thank goodness a fantastic second owner came through. Years later, Augie’s second owner was forced to give up the dog because she entered an assisted care facility.
A social worker from St. George, Utah, phoned in September 2014 to tell us about a client who was moving into assisted care and had to give up her golden retriever, Jennifer said. To pick up the puppy, Jennifer traveled to Utah.
Older Are Special

When the dog was 14 years old, GRRSN accepted her into its Forever Foster Program. At the age of 16, Jennifer and Steve formally adopted Augie. Having watched several adorable senior dogs come in and out of GRRSN over the years, the couple had no worries about adopting a senior pet.
We didn’t have any regrets, Jennifer stated. “Senior dogs are my favorite kind of dogs. As we were getting ready to retire, we made her a special member of our family.

Augie younger days in pool 2
Credit: Jennifer Hetterscheidt

Augie is a generally healthy dog, but she takes vitamins and special diet since she has renal issues. Since Augie isn’t as sturdy on all fours as she once was, Jennifer and Steve keep a tight eye on her.
She doesn’t sag and spends the most of the day lounging on well positioned dog beds, according to Jennifer. She is attentive and is curious about what you are doing. She longs to get out and spend time with her siblings and people. The dogs get along well, but we have to hold her back at the entrance to prevent the others from knocking her down. However, people often show her respect.

Encouraging Smiles
Augie’s longevity was not something Jennifer and Steve, who relocated the family to Oakland, Tennessee, in 2018, had anticipated. Even when she was 18, we didn’t anticipate that she would live much longer, but when she turned 20, we started to cry and our hearts started to race, Jennifer recalled. “We just felt so grateful that she still lived and had these God-given genes.”

Augie on couch 2
Credit: Jennifer Hetterscheidt

The pair had no idea how much attention Augie’s 20th day of birth would get, but they still wanted to celebrate with her. “For her to live this long is such a milestone, said Jennifer. It’s a celebration, and we simply wanted to let everyone know about her.
From all across the world, they have gotten a lot of love and support. And although it’s overwhelming, the news is good. JI hope she’s making people happy, Jennifer said. It’s something positive to happen in the world right now.

Augie 20th in living room 2
Credit: Jennifer Hetterscheidt

As she and Steve did with Augie, Jennifer wants everyone to know that it’s OK to adopt an older dog. “Give that dog a home and let that dog live out the years in dignity and as happy as can be with a loving family,” she said. They just want to be loved and taken care of and don’t have high expectations.

Augie birthday and siblings
Credit: Jennifer Hetterscheidt

Don’t be deceived by Augie’s pallid face; she’s not acting that way. Even though she is living a little more slowly, this older dog is nevertheless content. Happy birthday to Augie, then! As we congratulate you, save a slice of cake for the rest of us.