Funny And Adorable Golden Retriever “Fights” Kitten In His Bed


It’s likely that if you live with both cats and dogs, they’ll be playing “Whose bed is it anyway?”
Although you might get that new bed for your large dog, rest confident that your kitten may end up taking possession of it.

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“We acknowledge that sometimes dogs are just huge babies and occasionally cats may be jerks. Cats prefer to curl up, usually in a box or other compact area. On other occasions, they appear to wish to demonstrate to the household’s canines who is the true alpha dog, according to their website. The dogs are either too polite, afraid of conflict, or too worn out to engage in combat. Most likely all three.

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At that point, dogs will turn to their owners to try to resolve the conflict.

In the video below, a Golden Retriever entered the living room with his enormous, fluffy bed all set for a sleep.
He hurried over to the bed after sensing something wasn’t right and discovered the cat had gotten a hold of it.

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When the cat sees him, it says, “Scram dog!”

This dog begins to shuffle around the edge of the bed, indicating that it is plainly upset.
His constant puffing made his irritation audible.

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This excellent boy keeps around the bed while panting as if the cat will simply graciously give up.

Even when he barks at her, the little kitten is quite comfortable and isn’t moving.
Whatever the case, this dog won’t give up either. He continues to nuzzle the large bed while barking.

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He appears to be pleading for assistance as he stares at his human, who is documenting the incident.
He demands one, but when he doesn’t receive it, he decides he needs to get a little more violent against the cat.
He then walks around the opposite side of the bed while yelling at the cat. He then tucks his head behind it in an effort to prod the cat away without taking a claw to the skull.

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Then, in a fit of audacity, he tosses the bed in two.

The cat appears unfazed, though. Then he prods the entire bed in an effort to totally flip it over and get the cat off of it.
However, it doesn’t really work, and the small kitten in the middle of the bed only meows at him.

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It is obvious that this dog needs to take more drastic action, so he decides to attempt dragging the bed with his jaws.

He appears to be prepared to quit up because his efforts are in vain. He simply reclines next to the bed to take a break and come up with a fresh strategy.

He muses, “Perhaps the cat will share.”

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He then prods the bed into position. The cat is completely comfortable with it. He wants his bed back, but he isn’t. He attempts to push her away by barking at her, but the cat simply hisses in response.

He eventually finds himself halfway up the bed. then on the bed’s side.
The cat then realizes there has always been a bed that is even nicer. the pet! He is currently lying on the floor next to “their” bed while she climbs up on top of him. They both appear to be content now that they are hugging one other.

Watch his sweet and amusing battle in the video below!

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed! – AIR.TV