A woman is expecting a child, and her dog already adores the unborn baby sister


With great luck is Penelope’s sister.

And her furry brother loves her so much that she hasn’t even been born yet.

With Juliana and her family, Penelope lives like a pet.

Penelope discovered Juliana was pregnant, at which point she began to behave especially loving.

Penelope attempting to tuck the unborn child into her tummy was even captured on camera by Juliana in a cute little clip.

I have always found Penelope to be a really loving dog.


However, ever since she discovered Juliana is expecting…she’s been even cuddlier.

image 49

She attempts to embrace her newborn sibling through her mother’s tummy since she already loves her so much!
She is really excited to become a big sister.

image 50
image 51

See the adorable video below: