A dog at a shelter had the best reaction when he was reunited with his family he had believed he had lost them forever (VIDEO).


When a shelter worker arrived at work one morning, she saw an unhappy dog bound to a fence. The hero immediately carried the dog inside without any hesitation. The canine was quite afraid, nevertheless, since he didn’t know he’d been spared.
The dog was described by a volunteer as being quite anxious, especially around strangers. However, when he encountered another canine or received treats, he became more composed. The boy began to adjust to his new life after a few days. Additionally, the workers at the shelter had been working hard to match him with a lovely home.

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After spending so much time seeking for the love one, they discovered that he already had a family who have been searching for him ever since he was taken from them. The family was overjoyed when their lost pet was found. They were ultimately reunited, and the pet was overjoyed to see his family. Quite the reunion! Watch the video down below.