18 calls from the same residence are received by police, who are surprised couple behind them


There are very few 911 calls that may be deemed cute.
But that’s just what one tale out of Lakeville, Minnesota, about several calls to the police, seems to be!
Dealing with 911 calls when the caller cannot be heard is a common task for police.

The dispatcher in this instance was only able to hear the barking of two dogs.


Cops are sent to the area.
After a homeowner made several 911 calls, two police were sent to the site.
The residence didn’t seem to be occupied when the police arrived.
However, there were two boisterous dogs who seemed pleased to see some familiar people.

It was just a little strange. Typically, someone knocks on the door. It’s not often that I see two dogs go crazy, Officer Emiles Bares told Fox 9.

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There were many 911 calls.
The responding cops assumed it was an inadvertent call and left when no one answered the door.
They chose to look into it further after receiving word from dispatch that the home had really placed 16 calls to 911.

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Police get in touch with the property owner.
The owner of the house was at work when the cops were able to get in touch with them, and they granted permission to enter.
The cops encountered two gregarious and active dogs as they entered.

After that, they were able to put together what had occurred.

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“If that was the reason they called, I did ask them if they wanted to go outdoors. They showed no interest. At that moment, they were more interested in becoming pets. I walked to the mobile phone in his office. Only emergency calls were accepted. According to Officer Roberts, a dog could have theoretically called 911 by just pressing the screen with its paw.

“We therefore assume that the dogs were having a difficult day and that they were the ones who called 911 to request assistance.”

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Reporters try to uncover the humorous story’s true
Fox 9 made an effort to speak with the dogs to find out why they were calling 911.
The dogs, meanwhile, had little interest in commenting.
However, they did seem curious in smelling the microphone!

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Afterwards, the owner of the house, dogs, and cellphone told the reporters that he had learnt his lesson and would now keep his phone out of reach.

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Will your dog make a 911 call?
In a nutshell, maybe. Although there are many instances of pets inadvertently calling 911, attempts are being made to educate dogs to call for help when necessary.

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Melody Jackson of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s animal-computer interaction lab is teaching canines to use touchscreens to call emergency services on behalf of senior citizens or people with disabilities.

She told CNN, “The dog could approach a touchscreen, touch a sequence of icons on the touchscreen, and call 911 with your location.” “We believe that this has the potential to literally save lives, improve lives, and change them forever.”

Watch the video below to find out more about these cute dogs that called 911 sixteen times!
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