Veteran and his loyal Dog away within hours of each other.💖


Within a few hours of one another, the Veteran and his devoted Dog passed away.

The heroic veteran received a heartbreaking pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2011.
Daniel Hove a veteran has dedicated his entire life to helping people. He spent a long time in the Air Force. He transitioned to become a fireman after leaving the military.

Hove received a ‘devas.ta.ting’ pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2012.

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Daniel also owned Gunner, an 11-year-old Labrador. Gunner hardly ever left Daniel’s side because the two were the greatest of friends.

Loyalty and love are boundless in dogs.nd this world, and in a heartbreakingly poignant way, this 11-year-old lab proved it.

Sadly, Hove’s health deteriorated rapidly in his latter years. But even though Gunner weighed 90 pounds, the two were constantly cuddled up together. The dog was so fiercely devoted to his owner that he never left his side.

Hove’s Health Appears to Be Reflected in Gunner’s Health.
Despite receiving chemotherapy, Hove’s cancer spread. Hove slept next to Gunner in the same bed. In ‘’, Gunner’s health also dropped along with Hove’s.

They remained great friends till the very end, according to Heather Nicoletti, Daniel’s daughter.

Therefore, it came as no real surprise that Daniel’s faithful dog also “fell ill” as he was lying in bed.

In contrast to how it is portrayed in media like movies and television, “dying” is a process. Together, Hove and Gunner reached this unresponsive stage. “Neither my dad nor the dog were responding.

Gunner started to get drowsy one day. He started to feel worse, and his arms started to swell. Heather realized it was time to bid her father’s dog farewell.

I contacted the animal hospital where I had previously worked, and they quickly scheduled an appointment for me to put the animal to sleep. My dad left too, about an hour and a half later.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family as they endure the loss of both a parent and a canine relative.

“We were aware that they would pair up. We simply had no idea that the separation would be in the hours.

How lovely that they shared a brief life together and that they both loved each other.

I’m praying for everyone.