The Majestic Peacock Appaloosa Stallion with Unique Beauty.


A Tale of Elegance, Beauty, and the Unique Markings of Wicket – Appaloosa

In the heartland of GWS Appaloosas stands a living masterpiece, a stallion of unparalleled beauty and grace – Wicket, the Peacock Appaloosa. With a distinctive pattern known as Peacock Leopard, Wicket embodies the epitome of elegance and uniqueness in the world of equines.

A Feathery Inspiration:

Named after the enchanting peacock, Wicket is a stallion that commands attention not only for his striking appearance but also for his regal demeanor. His Peacock Leopard pattern, reminiscent of the iridescent feathers of his avian namesake, sets him apart as a true work of art among horses.

Pedigree of Excellence:

Wicket’s lineage is as impressive as his appearance. Born from the esteemed pairing of Arrogant Zeus ApHC and CC Whata Dream ApHC, his pedigree boasts a heritage of champions. This lineage of excellence contributes to Wicket’s remarkable qualities, both in terms of his physical attributes and his temperament.


A Glimpse of Unique Markings:

Witnessing Wicket’s unique markings is like observing a living canvas come to life. His coat, adorned with intricate patterns reminiscent of the peacock’s grandeur, tells a tale of nature’s artistry. Below, you can watch a video capturing the mesmerizing beauty of Wicket, showcasing his distinctive Peacock Leopard pattern in all its glory.

Wicket, the Peacock Appaloosa Stallion, stands not just as a testament to selective breeding but as a living testament to the boundless creativity of nature. His presence at GWS Appaloosas enriches the world of equines, reminding us of the extraordinary diversity and splendor found within the realm of horses.

In every stride, in every glance, Wicket reflects the essence of his namesake – the peacock – proudly displaying his unique beauty for the world to admire. He stands as a reminder that within the tapestry of the animal kingdom, there exist rare and exceptional threads, each adding to the breathtaking mosaic of life.