King Leatherdale SHS: A Triumph in British Dressage Excellence


Unveiling the Pedigree: A Glimpse into King Leatherdale

In the world of dressage breeding, the emergence of King Leatherdale SHS, a 2015 Bay KWPN stallion, has ignited excitement and anticipation. Recently licensed by the AES (Anglo European Studbook), this British-bred young stallion showcases exceptional balance and three impressive paces, carrying the legacy of his renowned sire, Lord Leatherdale.

King Leatherdale

Lord Leatherdale, a Westfalen-bred and approved stallion, has left an indelible mark on Dutch breeding. Known for imparting a strong front leg and shoulder freedom, Lord Leatherdale competes at the international small tour level, showcasing his own prowess in the dressage arena. His notable success in breeding includes a remarkable affinity with daughters of Negro, a partnership that has produced licensed stallions like Chippendale, Everdale, and the World Young Horse Champion Glamourdale, who also claimed the championship at his KWPN licensing.

King Leatherdale

The dam, Wiegro, an elite mare, completed her IBOP (ridden performance test) with impressive scores of 8 for walk, trot, and canter. Not only successful in competition, Wiegro achieved the sport (dressage) predicate by competing up to Z2 level in Holland. Wiegro’s influence extends to her offspring, with Chapter Leatherdale, an NRPS Champion stallion, standing as a testament to her breeding prowess. Chapter Leatherdale, sired by Lord Leatherdale, secured victory in the Pavo Cup pre-selection and made a notable appearance in the Ermelo final.

King Leatherdale

Wiegro’s breeding success doesn’t end there; her full brother, J B Leatherdale, impressed judges at the Futurity, coming close to an Elite score. In 2014, he claimed the title of top dressage foal and overall best dressage horse at his KWPN inspection. Additionally, Wiegro’s Sir Donnerhall colt foal earned a Futurity Higher First, further underscoring the strength of this exceptional dam line.

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Negro, the sire of Wiegro and the 2017 KWPN Stallion of the Year, adds a layer of prestige to King Leatherdale SHS’s lineage. Known globally as the sire of Olympic superstar Vaegro, Negro’s legacy extends with over 20 offspring competing at the Grand Prix level, showcasing their inherent talent for collection. Negro’s lineage, anchored by super sire Ferro, boasts an impressive array of successful progeny, including Zack, Zonik, Rousseau, Ampere, and Uthopia.

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As King Leatherdale SHS embarks on his breeding career, the equestrian community eagerly awaits the potential he carries from these distinguished bloodlines. With Lord Leatherdale and Negro as pillars in his pedigree, King Leatherdale SHS stands as a beacon of promise for the future of British dressage breeding, poised to contribute his own chapter to the legacy of excellence.

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n the vibrant tapestry of British dressage breeding, King Leatherdale SHS emerges as a beacon of promise, carrying the torch of excellence from his distinguished lineage. With the strength of Lord Leatherdale’s legacy and the prestige of Negro’s heritage flowing through his veins, King Leatherdale SHS stands poised at the threshold of a remarkable journey.

As the equestrian world eagerly awaits the impact of his genetic prowess, King Leatherdale SHS embodies not just the hopes of a lineage but the aspirations of an entire community. With his potential to shape the future of dressage breeding, his story is one of anticipation and promise—a testament to the enduring legacy of exceptional bloodlines and the unwavering pursuit of excellence in British dressage.

In the arena of equine breeding, King Leatherdale SHS is not just a rising star; he represents the epitome of potential, carrying forward the torch of greatness set by his forebears. As he embarks on this new chapter, his presence heralds a legacy in the making, destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of dressage breeding.