Snowy Harmony: Gray Horse and Alaskan Dog Forge Instant Bond, Steal the Spotlight in Incredible Photoshoot

Credit: Svetlana Pisareva

Gray Horse & Alaskan Dog’s Winter Story

A captivating snowy photoshoot features the extraordinary bond between a gray horse and an Alaskan Malamute, highlighting the enchanting beauty of interspecies friendship.

During a nature trek with her two Siberian Huskies, 44-year-old Russian photographer Svetlana Pisareva discovered an equestrian club where stunt horses were undergoing training for various purposes. Pisareva observed the immediate fascination one of her dogs had for the horses.

The horses effortlessly performed tricks, captivating both the photographer and her dog. Pisareva shared her amazement, stating, “They performed tricks with pleasure and completely naturally. It was so mesmerizing that even my dog could not take his eyes off them.” This encounter shattered preconceived notions about the impossibility of forming warm connections between different species.

image 29
Credit:  Svetlana Pisareva

Inspired by the profound connection between the Alaskan Malamute and the gray horse, Pisareva felt a deep desire to capture this boundless friendship through her lens, aiming to showcase the remarkable nature of interspecies relationships.

Drawing on her extensive decade-long experience in photography, Pisareva had already built a diverse portfolio featuring interactions among various species. However, the prospect of photographing a dog and a horse together presented a novel and exciting challenge. The perfect opportunity arose when Pisareva’s friend generously offered her Alaskan Malamute, Sob Aku, as a willing model, prompting them to visit a nearby equestrian club for a unique introduction.

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Credit:  Svetlana Pisareva

The animals were complete strangers until then. It was their initial interaction – devoid of aggression or negativity, marked only by mutual interest and a shared desire to communicate. We took precautions to ensure the comfort of both animals, heading to the nearby forest for the photoshoot to eliminate any potential distractions for our models.

image 32
Credit:  Svetlana Pisareva

Equipped with a Canon camera and Canon 70-200 L II lens, along with a couple of thermoses filled with hot tea and a shared “good mood,” Pisareva and her companion marveled at the magical connection unfolding between the dog and the horse. Through a series of heartwarming photographs, Pisareva skillfully documented the duo as they nuzzled, played, and regarded each other with the familiarity of old friends.

The only assistance required was aiding Sob Aku in mounting and dismounting from the gentle back of the horse.

image 31
Source:  Svetlana Pisareva

Describing the photoshoot, Pisareva remarked, “The shooting process was effortless and organic. In all my sessions, I strictly avoid putting any pressure on the animals. There’s no coercion, not even for the sake of getting the perfect shot. The moment I sense that an animal is tired, frightened, or simply unwilling to continue, we immediately halt the session

Source:  Svetlana Pisareva

Residing in her hometown of Saint Petersburg, Russia, alongside her husband and huskies, Pisareva’s journey into photography didn’t begin as a professional pursuit. In the interest of job stability, she spent many years working as an economist and accountant. However, dissatisfaction with the lack of creative fulfillment led her to reconsider her path.

“By nature, I am a creator,” she expressed. “At the age of 33, I decided to ‘drop everything’ and delve into photography, a passion that had always captivated me. I dedicated myself to learning, practicing, addressing my shortcomings, and continuous study; after all, as the saying goes, talent contributes only 10 percent to success. The remaining 90 percent is sheer hard work.”

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