A stray dog protects a woman from two criminals while she is on vacation. She returns to rescue him 6,000 miles away after 2 weeks.


Bradley made the decision to go for a solo stroll on a deserted beach when she and her partner were on vacation in Crete, Greece. She was approached by two males who started a discussion with her and asked her out for a drink. One of the guys grabbed her by the arm when she refused.

Bradley was terrified and unsure of what to do when a stray dog charged at the two guys and barked at them until they ran away.
Sadly, the day they had to return home arrived as the couple was spending the remainder of their vacation with the puppy.
“Pepper, as the couple called him, a stray dog was chasing after the vehicle when we turned around to go to the airport. It was painful to see.

A stray dog

Bradley made the decision to go 6,000 miles back to adopt the dog that had rescued her that day two weeks after returning to England.

But not for very long. She was unable to stop thinking about her dog hero in Greece until she got back to London. She returned and began preparations for adopting Pepper and bringing her to London.

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After enduring the arduous adoption procedure, quarantine, and learning that Pepper is pregnant, they were finally allowed to board a flight back to London. Pepper gave birth to a brood of six pups a week later!

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