A senior dog that was ready to give birth was rescued from an overcrowded shelter just in time.


In shelters, a seniors are sometimes disregarded in favor of younger ones,particularly mother dogs who have so much love to offer. All they want is a loving, long-term home, much like other animals in shelters. Pit bull Nell, age 9, was brutally abandoned in a crowded shelter just before giving birth. She has a compassionate heart. Thank glad NYC Second Chance Rescue found her in time.

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Before reaching at a neighboring veterinary facility, Nell went into labor in the transport truck and gave birth to her first pups. She gave birth to eight more healthy puppies before becoming a mother right away. She raised her puppies in a loving foster home and watched each one being adopted. She is now impatiently awaiting a ride. Her foster mother describes her as “perfect in every way”. She likes belly-up sun naps, enjoying short walks, and is housebroken. Do not be fooled by her age; she still enjoys playing. She is such a sweet puppy, and her tail never stops wagging.

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She just wants to be the lone canine. She does, however, get along with the “dog-savvy” cat of her foster household. The animal shelter assumes Nell had further litters following this one. Although the shelter is unaware of her whole history, they are certain that she deserves to live out the remainder of her days in a loving home. Nell and her cuddly stomach, according to the authors, “after the life she’s lived, are just looking for a home with a soft bed, a spot of sunshine, and a family who will love her.” A mother’s love is unmatched, and this mom has a lot to share.

To assist many of its “retired” mom dogs find homes, the shelter is offering a Mother’s Day special with reduced adoption fees. Ever since NYC Second Chance Rescue began in 2009, more than 14,000 lives have been saved. It was asked, “Why do they do what they do?” The most straightforward answer is “Because they matter.”

Source: GreaterGood, nycsecondchancerescue.org