Every Day, a Lone Mare Walks by Herself While Wearing a Note Around Her Neck.


Jenny’s Enigma: The Mysterious Strolls of Frankfurt’s Controversial Mare

In the bustling streets of Frankfurt, an enigmatic tale unfolds daily. A lone mare, Jenny, gracefully paces through the neighborhood, a note delicately fastened around her neck. Her silent presence and the cryptic message she carries have turned her into a symbol of intrigue, sparking fervent discussions and controversy among the locals.

Every day, after going for walks, a 22-year-old Arabian mare named Jenny stirs up controversy in a neighborhood in Frankfurt, Germany.


Werner Weischedel, the 79-year-old owner of the horse, said that Jenny has been going on her morning stroll, which is 12 miles (20 km) long, to the banks of the Main river for the delicious foliage for 14 years.

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The proprietor also said that everyone in the area knows her. Jenny ambles down cobblestone streets and pedestrian pathways, entirely aware of what she’s doing, dodging cars, families, and runners.

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After the horse was seen by newcomers and the police were notified, the owner collared the mare and said that she was only taking a stroll and had not fled! What a cutie! See the video down below.

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