A worried dog is unsure of what to do with a crying baby, so he begins to cry as well.


A new baby may bring about pleasure for the family, but there is also a lot of added stress. Every time the baby cries, the parents—or, at the very least, the mother—swoop in to attempt to calm the infant. While we often think of parents and other humans as the ones who are responsive, dogs can also hear a baby’s screams and become quite concerned. Some dogs may even go so far as to act as if they are sobbing together with the little kid.

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Credit: @ticiakinhart

One dog decided to teach his new baby sister just that when the infant began crying on the sofa. Instead of just ignoring the little infant, the enormous dog, who was clearly anxious, even began to weep. In the video, you can see the dog sitting on the sofa next to the crying youngster, who is clearly uneasy and reluctant. He pauses for a little minute before weeping along with the baby.

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Credit: @ticiakinhart

It would seem that this cute canine is not the only one that becomes upset when they hear a newborn scream. According to WagWalking, dogs can feel the energy around them, even that of small children. “The energy of a wailing infant leads the dog to feel sad,” they said. The dog could begin weeping when the baby does!

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Credit: @ticiakinhart

Even while it seems like the dog is sympathizing, it might just be that the noise is foreign to it or that the pitch bothers the dog’s hearing. It sounds like the common screams dogs make in reaction to sirens. What matters is that the dog is contributing to the family and displaying curiosity toward the new infant.