A Dog Lover’s Paradise Can Be Found In Costa Rica’s Land Of Stray Dogs


One of the nicest places on earth is considered to be Costa Rica’s Territorio de Zaguates, or Land of Stray Dogs. The “Territorio de Zaguates,” or “Land of Strays,” is a place in Costa Rica that is a dog lover’s paradise.

Costa Rica
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There are over 900 pups there that live in a free-range sanctuary and are all adoptable. They have access to clean water, sleeping quarters in a secure structure, and several volunteers who take care of them and give them baths. In this no-kill facility, dogs are given the love and care they need while living in freedom and roaming wherever they like.

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In Costa Rica the pups are available for visitors to meet, go on hikes with, and even adopt. However, adoption is not required. Everything the dogs need to have a happy and healthy life is provided for them. For instance, there are names and breed designations for the bunny-tailed shepterrier and the shaggy shepherd dachshund. Every puppy is unique.

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The shelter aims to educate the public about mixed-breed dogs’ unique characteristics and to encourage them to adopt mutts. Both purebreds and hybrids are preferred. They believe that by doing this, the need for puppy mills and careless breeders would decline. Furthermore, going to the refuge is a wonderful way to meet different dogs before adopting one. It sounds like nirvana to me!

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